How to get started with Pokemon TCG?
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If someone wanted to start out playing the Pokemon trading card game with their 7 year old kid, what is the minimal optimal current per-person set of purchases required to be able to have an interesting and enjoyable time?
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When I was into Pokemon ~10 years ago, they sold premade decks that would get you playing right away. The decks come with different themes and you could play the game if you each had one.
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Best answer: Get a premade deck. With the little packs you don't know what you're getting and might be frustrated by number of pokemon to energy cards ratios. Take it from someone who lost a lot as a kid because she had too many energy cards. Get different themed decks.
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Best answer: Oh - by the way - these recommend a 60 card deck.
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May I suggest, without coming across as self-righteous or overly-granola-crunchy, that you check out a "do-it-yourself" loosely Pokemon-inspired game called monster cards. Here's an article about the game. My family has played it (6-year old at the time of first encounter) with great success.
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My seven-year-old and I each got a Yu-Gi-Oh starter deck for Christmas, and we have been enjoying learning to duel with them. I expect that, now that we've basically got the hang of it, we'll also enjoy buying expansion packs--our decks are identical now and the other day we got hung up in a kind of stalemate for awhile, until I basically threw the game. But the starter decks certainly have let us get started.
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You can get a metric ton of Pokemon cards from thrift stores and on eBay. I bought our son 4000 of them for $11 last year. He was just starting out his own collection and needed a good starting point. We recycled 1/2 of them, but it was exactly the way to go.
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Best answer: My 19-year old former Pokemon expert agrees with the suggestion for a theme deck, but advises caution. For example, if your son has a strong water deck, don't invest in the fire theme deck, cause "you'll get trounced."
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