Charity Collection Planning/Advertising tools
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What are your favorite/most-effective internet event planning tools?

(i.e. Facebook Events, Blogging about events, emailing people about events...)

I'm currently planning a bike collection for a non-profit organization and would like some help. I'm currently planning a bike collection as an eagle scout project, and would like some help with finding tools to advertise it and get the word out.

I just can't think of any tools to actively advertise and get the word out about events.
posted by guptaxpn to Computers & Internet (2 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite is a good way to let people know about events and it is easy for them to reply, but it sounds like you're having a drive rather than an event. For that, I think facebook, myspace or craigslist are all good. See if the nonprofit has a mailing list that you can email to (and ask if they subscribe to any direct marketing tools that will make it easier to send the emails).
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For some reason, all my friends who have been using evite kind of stopped using it in favor of Facebook. It integrates nicely with people's other social outings and since pretty much everyone has a FB account, it means one less sign on.

Your mileage may vary though.
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