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There's a website I saw once that shows a celebrity's outfit and then lists places where you can bargain alternatives to every part of the outfit. I bookmark every website I find obsessively, but, of course, not this one and now I want to upgrade my wardrobe for 2009. Does anyone know the website I mean?
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There's this one but there's also a regular feature in US or another magazine like it that does the same thing.
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The one that came to mind for me was While it is a UK-based site, you can change the currency to US dollars. Many of their items say "in the style of [insert celebrity]" or "as seen on [celebrity]." Hope this helps.
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Best answer: I'm certain you're thinking of " Fashion Under $100".
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OK, it's In Style magazine that has the regular feature and features some of the "Look for Less" remakes here.
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Response by poster: I should have been more clear -- it's someone's personal blog, along the lines of bargainista - but not bargainista. It's like a blogger blog, they take a picture a day and then deconstruct it.
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Response by poster: Also - I'm an idiot - it is Fashion Under $100 - Thanks ThePinkSuperhero!
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Another one: Frugal Fashionista.

Will follow all the other links too - I had no idea there was more than one site for this!
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