How can I find my lost ring?
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Other than Craigslist and Kiiji, are there any other places to try to find lost and found items in Toronto.

I just lost a ring downtown in Toronto. I posted it in the Lost and Found on Craigslist. I know that the odds of my finding it again are terrible, but are there any other avenues I might try?
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You could see if BlogTO or Torontoist will run it- maybe frame your inquiry as a possible story idea for them?
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Newspapers run lost and found listings in the classified section, both print and web. The cost is to place an ad usually very low.
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You could check to see if there's a neighbourhood Yahoo Group where a message could be posted. Leslieville has one, for example. The smaller neighbourhood papers like Etc., SNAP, the Mirror have spaces for classified ads. You could also fill out a report at the nearest Police division, and if you have a picture of the ring (even one showing you wearing it) (or just write a description and draw a picture as best you can), make a few photocopies and leave them with the pawn shops on Church Street and with some of the antique dealers that specialize in jewellery like Van Rijk and those at the Toronto Antique Centre on King at Duncan. I haven't checked out your ad, but I'd also say that if it's a piece of any value to also leave your information with the guys with the baaaad TV ads - you know, Harold the jewellery buyer and Russell Oliver. Good luck, I know it's hard to lose jewellery from experience (and from my former profession).
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Okay - I just checked Craigslist, and if yours is the ring with sentimental value, I'd say your ad needs to be more specific too, in both the description (colour) of the large stone and approximately where it most likely went missing in the area you mentioned (inside/outside, sidewalk/street etc.) It's a large and busy general area. I'm sure you've already left messages with nearby businesses, but it wouldn't hurt to put flyers up so that employees of them who are around there frequently see them, and they might be your best help. People who read ads in the area might make extra effort to look, and would happily return something like that, and there isn't so much snow around that it might catch someone's eye - but you have to make it easier for someone to find it, and you. Again, good luck.
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also, return to the areas you think you may have lost the ring and check with any stores / offices in the area. I used to work in a box office, and our lost & found was filled with stuff people found in the street outside the theatre.
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The odds are low, but if you have a Livejournal account you could try posting to the Toronto community. I've seen lost and found posts on there before.
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If there's a chance you lost it while on a bus, subway, or streetcar, you should go visit the TTC lost and found. I once found my wallet there, with every thing still in it!
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You can call the police and let them know you lost it. Sometimes things get turned in to them.
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