Great NYC florist?
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Can you recommend a great florist in NYC who delivers? Extra points for unusual or exotic bouquets. Online ordering preferred but not essential.

I'd like to avoid the big places like 1800 Flowers, due to a couple of bad experiences in the past. Anonymous because the intended recipient is a MeFite and I'd like it to be a surprise.
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Elizabeth Ryan is great. Annoying flash interface on the site but she's fabulous.
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I haven't used them personally, but I have heard good things about Starbright.
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when i stayed at Ye Olde Carlton Arms last December, i passed this place at least twice a day. i'm not a fan of flowers, but even i was impressed by the arrangements in the window.

their website isn't the greatest... but i google'd florists near the Carlton Arms just so i could recommend them, they're that good.
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Shields Warendorff has magnificent stuff (prices to go with too, but entirely worth it). Too bad it doesn't transcend to their web designer (awful music, though there is a mute option).

Dejuan Stroud
did my wedding flowers and does do arrangements. I have had them made from there and given them as gifts. They are absolutely stunning (that's not quite reflected in what he chose to put on his site). I would call and make sure he delivers (he's way down in TriBeCa).
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You said you wanted a great florist, not just a good one. There are plenty of good florists down in the flower district, which is in Murray Hill.

Reuven, however, is awesome. He will certainly create something that expands your ideas of what "exotic" and "unusual" can mean.

It will not be cheap.
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Without a doubt, you need to check out I can't not stare at their window displays every day as I pass by. Great stuff.
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I guess we all have our favorites, but I would go with Gotham Gardens every time. Call them, they are sure to impress.

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Another vote for Elizabeth Ryan. I've used her several times, and always been pleased and delighted.
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Richard Salome on Lexington in the 30's. It will cost you.
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