static, live image serving on linux without funky applets
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On-demand webcam image serving on a linux server?

I have a webcam (logitech, usb) connected to a linux box. The webcam works well, but I'm having trouble finding a way to host it. Most software packages either stream the image (do not want) or upload/save an image periodically. I'd instead like to call a file I can wrap in an tag - a .jpg or even .php file that returns the image taken when the request was made. Any ideas?
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Response by poster: Hooray for being lazy and wasting a question - webcamserver, which I've used before for streaming, returns a single image when accessed directly via http (http://servername:8888/).
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Best answer: Seconding webcam-server. I've been using it for a few months now, and it does what you want (as well as streaming, and handling multiple cameras). For still images on demand, you just connect to something like, and it returns a jpg. In Ubuntu I use

sudo webcam-server -q 80 -v

although you can add options to, for example, set the image size.
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