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I've been Drudged! How can the drudgereport launch a popup window when I am using Firefox? It is the only site that seems to be able to do that. Constructive answers only please, I'm sure that the first response will be "don't read drudge". I can't help it, I love sensationalism.
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Get adblock, then block everything on that site that's a .js, and that should alleviate it. The same thing happened with the crazy popups on this ATHF site. (Which I wouldn't click if you don't want near infinite popups.
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I reccomend privoxy. I use it at work, heck, I force all the computers at work through it (I like its windows web-virus stripping features).

I've noticed some sites that are able to do some odd stuff with firefox before, like resizing the browser and making it "jiggle".
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You can launch popups from flash files that don't get blocked by firefox, as far as I know (at least, that used to be the case).
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I'm fairly certain that the answer lies in Flash and Flash's ability to -- via its getURL() function -- circumvent pop-up blockers. Of course, since I said it aloud, the cat's out of the bag and we're all doomed!
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Drudge beats Pop-up Blocker discussion at the MozillaZine forums.
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Get the Flash Clcik to View Extension.
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Well, geez, stop loving sensationalism!

Seriously though, I second the AdBlock advice. It appers the JS files are from two VERY common ad servers ( and, which would be among the first to be blocked if you were judiciously blocking every ad you see in AdBlock. I didn't get any popups at Drudge.

And that ATHF site only popped up 3 ads for me before I killed it. I didn't get the "porn ad cascade" I was expecting.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that the ads only pop up when I click on a link, not when the page loads, is it an "on exit" action, because when I open a link in a new tab, it doesn't happen. Thanks for the tips.
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CNET article.
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Ah. Well, that would keep Firefox's popup blocker from functioning, since it does allow windows to be opened if it's activated by a click. Blocking the Javascript with Adblock will still work, though -- it doesn't do that for me.
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