Need a good combo 17" laptop case/camera bag.
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I am having a real hard time finding an at least decently stylish 17" laptop case, and would like it to also hold my DSLR camera plus accessories for work/travel.

I have a 17" laptop (dimensions: 15.6"(L) x 12.22" (W) 1.31"(min) /1.76"(max) (H)) that needs a padded home while travelling. I also have a Nikon D300 DSLR that I would like to carry while working/travelling, with two lenses, and assorted accessories. I am looking for a shoulder bag that isn't the same dull grey boring standard tech bag.

I have found a few that look good, but most of the stylish bags (and questions/answers here on ask.metafilter) are for smaller laptops. And with my laptop combined with the camera I need a case that provides real protection. I like the SLAPPA line of products (this, for example), but I don't think they are large enough to hold everything I want to carry. I really like these, these and these, but again they are too small, and don't have as much protection for my electronics as the SLAPPA line.

Can anyone recommend something that is functional, sizeable enough for me, yet also stylish? Something that will do well for daily use, longer travel, and the workplace?

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I have a Lowepro CompuDayPack that will fit my dell 9400 and a d50 with a couple of smallish lenses. A D300 isn't that much bigger.
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How about a Kata Bag? I think the laptop compartment of this model is a bit small for you, but you might want to look at their other products.
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What if you re-purposed a bag like this gate mouth tool carrier? There are many configurations with differences in dimensions, pockets, etc. ; this variation claims to be padded.

I'm approaching similar schlepping requirements by looking at Doctor's Bag style totes that feature carrying straps (quest is ongoing)... there's something about the gate mouth style of opening that makes it easy to see everything in the bag all at once.
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I love Crumpler. They're sturdy as hell and amazingly comfortable to carry.
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As soon as I get back to the US next week, I intend to order myself one of these: Tenba Messenger (Large). I've done a bit of looking around based on previous AskMe threads and responses, and the Messenger seems to be the best (for me).

I don't actually own one yet, though, so perhaps my advice should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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I am using a chrome duma for that exact purpose (17"+dslr) right now, and I absolutely love it. It's built like it'll last forever, fits everything I need, and looks great.
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