Looking for a coffee similar to the orange(y) taste of Southern Comfort Coffee
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I received a small gift packet of branded "Southern Comfort" coffee for Christmas. It is really good but all I can find is more little gift packets for sale. Anyone know where I can get a larger quantity or a very similar tasting coffee? (I think it has a citrus like flavor)
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It's related to the liquor drink Southern Comfort. Ask these people when the 6oz will be available again --or where you can get larger quantities

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If you buy a case or so of the smaller packets, you can store them somewhere to better preserve their freshness.
This place sells cases of 2 oz. packages.
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Oh my gosh, I just saw a huge bin of those at Target today in the $1 bin section.....they sold for $1 each but are now 30 to 50% off depending which Target you're at. I didn't get the Southern Comfort but instead grabbed the Frangelica (sp?).....I guess I'll need to get back there. PS - almost all Target stores are now 75% off Christmas merchandise if thats your thing.
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I got one of those little Southern Comfort coffee packet for Christmas, too-- but I don't drink coffee. If you meMail me your address, I'll send it to you. No charge :).
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