Chicago Psychics?
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Great (or even good) psychics in Chicago?

Saturday is my 45th birthday, and as part of my plans I want to visit a psychic, fortuneteller, etc. that day.

Anyone know a good one -- with contact info? A friend told me about someone named Dorothy J. or Dorothy Jay, but can no longer find her number. If you know it, step to the front of the line, please.

And yeah, I know this is probably bunk and a scam and a total waste of money and yada, yada, yada. It's still not going to change my birthday plans.

Thanks, AskMe.
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Two reviews might help get you started.
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Regardless of who you pick, be aware that like all scam artists, your psychic, no matter how outwardly friendly will try to sucker you with on going charges. This may include setting you up for monthly fees, phone consultations, and the like. Whatever you do don't give out your phone or address, and only pay in cash.

Go into knowing that you're dealing with a person who makes their living lying to gullible rubes, and you'll be okay.
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I like the cut of your jib. Or something. It's pretty fun to allow yourself to get caught up in something magical, even if you know it's bunk. Could you post a writeup in this thread of how it goes after you do it? I'd be interested in reading it.

Also, in case you haven't considered this, it's also fun to do the opposite. You know, try to spot where the magician ditched the ball, when they palmed the kerchief, etc. Most likely the psychic will pretty much be relying on some form of cold reading for most of their act. If you wanted, you could, for example, pay attention to the conversation and try to keep track of how much information is actually coming from the psychic and how specific it is, and how much is actually being provided by you to the psychic.

It can be as much fun to see behind the curtain as it is to purposefully try not to. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.
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Seconding wfrgms. I saw a psychic when I was much younger for kicks and the push for monthly payments and monthly cleansings was ridiculous. These people are scammers who prey on the poor and ignorant. Dont give them any of your personal info. Dont pay with a credit card. Heck, dont tell them your real name. Oh, the hot new psychic scam: identity theft after you've spilled your guts and all your info to them. They also will try a 401-type scam.

If you want kitshy psychic crap in chicago dont go to some storefront psychic, pay to see a decent mentalist with good references like this guy .
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I recommended to someone who asked a similar question a while ago that s/he go to a local new age bookstore and ask for a reference there.
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Thanks for all the skeptical warnings. As I said in my question, "I know this is probably bunk and a scam and a total waste of money and yada, yada, yada. It's still not going to change my birthday plans."

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How about Joe Who? He's pretty famous. You could listen to his radio show and see if you like his style before you contact him. I have no personal experience with him but I used to hear him on the radio with Buzz Killman.
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Work to Live, what do you expect? MeFi doesn't do psychics.

That said, no one up thread seems particularly harsh, and everyone is offering cautious advice. It's one thing to be all, "I'm just going in for the heck of it..." it's another to emerge from your birthday fun sans credit card info and several hundred, if not thousand dollars.

Further, I'm betting (predicting?) there is a corollary between someone saying "I know this is probably bunk and a scam..." and that same person not realizing the scope of the scam nor the depth of dishonesty involved in such psychic acts.

The respondents above would be doing you a greater disservice by not cautioning you than if they simply provided recommendations. Still, if you're stickler for semantics, then you should read all of the above advice as, "Go to the least dishonest and risky physic you can find..." which is to the single thread of solid advice this AskMe can provide.

Happy Birthday.
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