Will the California Academy of Sciences be a zoo on New Year's Eve day?
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Will the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco be very busy tomorrow (New Year's Eve day)?

My wife and I will be baby-free tomorrow and would like to tour the California Academy of Sciences, but we don't want to go if it'll be too busy to really enjoy. (She went the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and said it was insane.)

Considering that it hasn't been open long and that tomorrow is a holiday for many, should we go or wait for a non-holiday weekday? We'd be coming from Lodi.
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Only speculation, but I've seen the place on days where we people have the day off (weekends & holidays), and it's been just absolutely mobbed. Like, several hour wait for the rainforest section. I would never personally consider going there any day but a non-holiday weekday.
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It is mobbed even on non-holiday weekdays, alas. Friends who went today reported lines all the way out of the park for parking and a very crowded museum.
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Probably. I attempted to go this Saturday and the line was insane, we didn't even bother parking.
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I was there yesterday (the 29th) and there was a 1-2 hour wait for members and I believe a longer wait for normal ticket-holders at 11am. If you go really early and have already bought your tickets (they're only sold online for two or more days in advance) then you should be able to get in, but you should expect a wait.
If you're not up for that, though, I'd suggest either the DeYoung (across the street) or the unbelievably cool Exploratorium.
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On a related note, can I ask why it is so expensive to go there? I know it's new, and it must be real nice, but how come museums on the east coast are free?
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Best answer: According to this article in the San Jose Mercury News, it will be pretty packed.

As for the cost, I could rattle off tons of info (Disclaimer - I used to work as part of the Academy's PR team(anyone hiring? no?)) about the pricing, but it's worth noting that the tickets are the same as MOnterey Bay Aquarium, and this has a planetarium and a aquarium and natural history exhibits.

Honestly? It's pretty cool, but I don't know if it's worth battling the crowds. I'd check out the Exploratorium and walk around Presidio instead.
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Response by poster: Shoot, I guess we'll find another way to spend our day. Thanks for the all the responses!
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On this topic, I bought tickets months in advance to go to the academy on the day after Thanksgiving. The line at 8:30 am was all the way back down a dirt path into the woods - probably 2-3 hours long. We gave up and went to the de Young, but I was kind of annoyed that they sell tickets in advance and then don't have a way to guarantee timely access to the museum. I sent my tickets in and asked for a refund or credit, but never heard back...are they getting any flack about this kind of thing, or has anyone had any success getting some kind of a response about refunds?
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