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How can I automate emacs to open a file, execute a bunch of macros, then save the file in a new format?

I need to extract bookmarks from large PDFs into text files importable into MS Access. I have been using emacs to open the file, then used 5-6 macros to extract the bookmarks and format it properly to be imported into Access. This gets extremely tedious, I have about 100 files to convert.

Is there a more elegant or convenient way to do this? I would love to be able to automate it in emacs. I am not a programmer, and although I have tried to figure out how to do this with elisp, it just doesn't make sense to me. I'm running emacs 22.2.1 on Windows and Acrobat 6 and 7 standard.
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Best answer:
(setq list-of-file-names '("test-file" "test-file-two"....))

(defun do-something-to-file (file-name)
    (find-file file-name)
    (goto-char (point-min))

(mapc 'do-something-to-file list-of-file-names)

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Best answer: Or if you don't want to touch e-lisp, then you can automate this with a keyboard macro. Make a buffer that contains the names of the files that you wish to operate on with each file name on a different line. Start recording the keyboard macro with C-X (, move to the beginning of the current line, kill it, yank it, C-X C-F, yank, do whatever, write the result, return to list of files buffer, move to the next line. Once you've got the macro you run it 100 times by doing Meta - 1 0 0 C-X e. Backup up work before you start debugging.
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Best answer: See the Emacs Wiki for how to convert a macro to an elisp function and how to run it in batch mode.

This, in combination with rdr's hints should get you there.
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Best answer: As much as Emacs is my Operating System text editor of choice, you are kind of using the wrong tool for the job. I think PDFtk can do what you want, windows binary here.
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Response by poster: Cool. Looks like PDFtk will work with the bookmark extraction, then I can clean up the text files with some batched macros. Still have to figure the specifics on that, but thanks for pointing out the way.
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