Merkur Safety Razor in DC?
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Can I buy a Merkur Safety Razor anywhere in (metro-accessible) DC?
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First place I thought of was The Grooming Lounge.

1745 L St NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 466-8900

They have several varieties in their online store. I'd give them a call and see what's stocked locally.
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There is an Art of Shaving store at Pentagon City, but I don't know anything about that store. Online it looks like their stock is their own brand, but I'm not sure if they stock other brands as well in physical stores.
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There is also an Art of Shaving in Union Station; they have a number of safety razors, but they seem to be owned by Gillette and stock mainly their stuff. Might be worth a call, though.
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The safety razors at Art of Shaving are Merkurs.
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I have definitely seen Merkur's at the Art of Shaving in Union Station. Dont know if they have Gillette Safety razors there (the old kind) but if they do those are supposed to be very highly regarded as well.
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Oh, wow, I didn't know about the Union Station store--do they carry Merkur blades, as well? I've been ordering them online at a (relatively) huge shipping cost. Other brands just aren't as good.
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Other brands just aren't as good.

I don't know about that. I wasn't all that impressed with the Merkur blades. Whilst they are better than some, the truly best blades I have tried are Japanese Feather Hi Stainless. Sublime...
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Art of Shaving carries blades, but long term I'd just order them online. The guy at the AoS here in LA said they come out to about a buck a blade in the store, while Classic Shaving has them for about half that. (Merkurs, Feathers) If you fold them into a larger order or order a few months' worth, you'll come out ahead, and you can stay home.

Tim in Oz... I just got into wet shave myself, and just bought some Merkurs before reading your post. Nuts. I'll try the feathers when my Merks run out.
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I second the feather blades. I found the Merkur blades to be similar to Feather blades that had been used them 4-5 times. They didn't feel nearly as sharp, and required more pressure, which caused more cuts.
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