What is the painting used on the cover of A Moveable Feast?
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Can anyone identify the painting used on this cover of A Moveable Feast?
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It's the 1st American edition, published by Scribner's in 1964. I can't find anything that gives an illustrator's name, but you could always contact someone with one of the 1st eds. for sale to see if there's an illustrator listed on the back flap (since there doesn't seem to be one on the copyright page). It may have just been an in-house illustrator, though.
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Best answer: I think it's 'Pont Neuf' by Hildegard Rath
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Oops - forgot the link to this forum where I found info on the book.

I didn't realise that Rath was married to Hermann Gross - he was artist-in-residence at a local college during the later years of his life. Small world and all that.
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Highrise is right. "Oil painting of Pont Neuf by Hildegarde Rath." I have that edition and that's what the dustjacket says.
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Response by poster: I'm inclined to think you're right about it being the work of Hildegarde Rath, based upon examples of her style. Pity that there doesn't seem to be any prints of her work available. Being one of my favorite books I thought a print would look great hanging on my living room wall.
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