Is there a way to merge accounts for the iPhone?
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I bought an app under one mac account, but have sense changed mac accounts (because of .mac / login issues). I would like to migrate this application and others to the new account, and not pay for them again. How might I accomplish this?

Note: I know I could switch to the old account on the phone and download them, but that solution would force to switch accounts to upgrade too. So the solution is not ideal.
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This recent AskMe addresses the opposite question -- what to do when divorcing and splitting up an iTunes library. The best answer was to email Apple support. Apparently they have policies for all of this stuff in place, and will sort things out for you. I imagine they'd just want to know which account you want to keep and would magically merge them for you. Key takeaway is that Apple support staff are apparently timely, responsive, and awesomely helpful.

Check back in and let us know what transpires. I've got two iTunes accounts that I'd like to consolidate myself, and yes, have annoyingly bought iPhone apps with each of them, but I've never bothered to email about it :)
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Yes - email apple.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I sent an email out and can let you know (within 48 hours) how it turned out. Unfortunately, their interfaces forces you to choose a category and sub-category and this question wasn't a match. Hopefully I was close enough and the email is routed correctly.
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How did it go?
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