Fun show in San Francisco this weekend?
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San Francisco filter: What fun show (preferably theater, but comedy, music, etc. also an option) can I take my brother and his girlfriend to see when they visit this weekend?

So my little brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit this weekend. I waited too long to get Phantom tickets, so I'm trying to find another fun San Francisco show to see with them, preferably on either Friday night or Sunday night. I'd prefer a musical/play, but a funny comedy show or a good concert would also be an option.

Also, while seeing something in SF would be ideal, a Berkeley show would also be an option.

Thanks, guys!
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Beach Blanket Babylon is traditional, although I'm not sure exactly why.
posted by tkolar at 2:21 PM on December 29, 2008

This looks fun.
posted by Danf at 2:23 PM on December 29, 2008

Seconding Beach Blanket Babylon as almost definitely your best bet for entertaining out-of-towners.
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I also HIGHLY recommend a show at the beautiful Castro Theater. It's not a live show - it's an old movie house, but this weekend is a Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. Get to the show early for the pipe organist who plays songs from the featured film before the show.

It's as San Francisco as you're gonna get, plus WAY cheaper than most other options and in a great neighborhood, too!
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You could also catch a show at BATS.
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I second the Sing along sound of music at the Castro. It's a hoot.
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Zanna, Don't! Saw it this weekend when we were in town. Very SF (though it originated off-Broadway and was written by a UC Berkeley alum). Very fun.
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I thought Star Wars Live was still running but it ended this past weekend. They do have Bad Movie Night on Sundays and it'll be Snakes on a Plane on the 4th.
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Beach Blanket Babylon and Sing-along Sound of Music are totally fabulous and I highly recommend them too. Just as one more suggestion, though: Joe Goode Performance Groupe is doing three New Year's shows (New Year's Eve, Jan 2, and Jan 3): "Small Experiments in Song and Dance" with guest artist Holcombe Waller. Joe Goode's "Wonderboy" appeared on some top ten lists as one of the best dance/theatre events of 2008, and I personally am a huge fan of Holcombe Waller.

Have fun!
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I think we're going with "Zanna, Don't!" Sounds like the option that everyone would be most likely to enjoy. Thanks again!
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