Can't find stylish denim in size 42
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I'd love to own a nicer pair of jeans like Diesel, Lucky or Rock and Republic. However I can never seem to find my sizes...

I'm 26, 6'4" and I have a 42 waist for pants. I've found it very difficult to find stylish jeans.

I have been working out again and running, planning on losing a little weight, however I'm not really that overweight to begin with and I figure anything I lose won't really affect my waist size for pants.

Most companies seem to cut off at either 38 or at the most 40 for waist size. I've been looking at jean companies like Howe, Lucky, Diesel and Rock and Republic. None of them seem to go higher than those sizes. Are there any good options out there I could look into? I feel like I'm severely limited in my choices and I'd like not to have to wear Old Navy jeans for the remainder of my life lol.
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I sympathize. I'm 6'1 240 with a 39 waist. A lot of these companies do not make clothes for big people. I personally wear lots of hip-hop (for lack of a better term) type jeans. I prefer a looser, baggy fit, and I have huge thighs (29 1/2 inches--used to do lots of weight lifting during my soccer days). The brands that you mentioned I don't think that you're going to have much luck. I usually find things from: sean john, mechanics, and LRG.

Good luck with your search.
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You're right that most Lucky brand jeans stop at 38 or 40, but the men's vintage straight jeans (Lucky Style # 7M10304) are available in a 42 waist -- but right now they're only available in regular length, not long or extra long (which I suspect you would need since you're 6-4).

Sierra Trading Post can be a little hit-or-miss in terms of brands, but they have a "sort by size" feature and when I checked a minute ago they had 12 pairs of jeans available in 42 waist, including some not-bad looking jeans, like these by Hiltl and these by Jake Agave. They're not names I'm familiar with but they do both retail for $190+, definitely putting them in the premium category.

I do a lot of online shopping as part of my job, so I'll keep an eye out for more leads. Good luck!
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I'm a tall skinny guy who also has similar problems.

I've tried quite a few stores and the availability of jeans my size was slim to none; Online stores rarely offered international shipping which was quite frustrating.

I've bought 2-3 pairs of jeans my size from and had to pay a hefty sum for the shipping, but the jeans were good nonetheless. There were also a wide variety of sizes which I think would be really helpful for you, since you requested 40 waist and up.
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One another note, you also might want to try ebay. There are plenty of sellers who work in warehouse settings and sell directly from their location.
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Have you tried a google search for custom jeans?
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I also feel your pain. I myself wear a 44, and have been relegated to old navy painters jeans. It is sad, but I can't seem to find anything else. and my thighs are huge, which certainly doesn't help.
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I would try going to some upscale retailers and asking around. I had the same problem, until I found myself in Buckle. They didn't have much in my size range out on the shelves, but the guy saw I was having trouble finding stuff and brought out a whole bunch of different jeans. I ended up buying a pair of Lucky's with a 42 waist, but there were also some Diesel jeans that fit, as well as a few brands I wasn't familiar with. I'm about 5 inches shorter than you, but the jeans I went with had to be hemmed quite a bit, so they might have been in your range.
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I'll toss Mighty Big Man out there in case any of their denim appeals to you. I don't have any of their jeans but I couldn't be happier with the activewear I've gotten from them.
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Eddie Bauer might not be quite as hip as Lucky or Diesel but they fit EVERYBODY and in my experience, and my husband's, their stuff lasts. They have several fits available in men's jeans--from "grandpa" to "not at all unhip," and it's worth browsing their website or visiting a store. (The huz used to be a sales associate there and I really do have a lot of confidence in their product.)

Good luck!
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There are some Ed Hardy jeans on right now that come in 40, 42, and 44-inch waists.
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