Where can I buy a new couch?
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$50 at goodwill, $1500 bucks new - isn't there a middle ground for buying couches?

Where can I find a new $300-$700 couch? One that doesn't look like grandma's potpouri threw up on it? I live in tulsa, but i'm not adverse to buying online. Mostly I'm looking for soft fabrics, overstuffed, and comfy. Something in a recliner or a sectional would be nice, but i understand my price concerns will probably take those options out.
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It's probably worth checking out secondhand-furniture stores, antique stores, consignment shops, and other places like that.
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Craigslist Tulsa has some options for you.
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I got my couch at a store that sold furniture left over from model homes. Any time a house goes up for sale and they need to put furniture in it, to make it all pretty? They sell those couches and what-not at a discount after the house is off the market.
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Overstock.com may be up your alley. Free shipping and lots of customer reviews help tremendously. And a lot of the cheaper furniture is assemble yourself, which means it can get through narrow doorways and tight stairwells.
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I don't think there are any nearby, but that's the price range you could find at Ikea - not as nice as the 'better' ones, but quite serviceable.
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Craigslist is also an option. You must be very vigilant and keep an eye out, because anything that doesn't look like grandma's potpourri threw up on it is is gonna go pretty quick. E-mail the seller as soon as you see it and try to get to it before it gets snatched up.

Also, look for imperfections, ask about product age, pets, smoking environment, and try to work the price down a bit if you feel like getting a real deal. Most people will gladly knock off 50-100 bucks if they just want to get rid of the damn thing cause they're tired of looking at it.
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Look for outlet stores. I scored a brand new $1500 down-filled couch from the Room and Board outlet in Golden Valley, Minn. for $200. It's flaw? A dime-sized hole in the fabric. On the back of the couch.
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Macy's, on sale.

JC Penney has hardwood-frame stuff; I have one myself.
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I got a decent used couch from a rental place a while ago. Apparently they don't just rent furniture, they also retire furniture they don't need anymore.
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There are companies who specialize is rent to rent (as opposed to more predatory rent to own) furniture, mainly to corporate customers. I know for a fact that when a piece can't be rented anymore, they will put them in some sort of wholesale retail store. This will be more expensive than Goodwill but you can be sure that at least they will shampoo and clean all cushions and upholstery.
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there's always couch. the owner will make whatever couch you want at a lot less than retail. and he ships. philosophy here, examples here. he's closed until january 4, but he's nuts about couches. will probably correspond w/you & give you a price (including shipping) for nothing.
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I got a couch at Jennifer Convertibles for 300 dollars two years ago. It is a nice couch.
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We got ours from one of those rent-to-own furniture places--they sell their slightly-used ones that have come back from people who didn't make their payments. They're in good condition, and pretty cheap, in the $150-$300 range.
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Please, please, please, if you buy a used couch, do a very thorough bed bug inspection first. Look online for ways to ferret out their hiding places.
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Have you looked at BigLots?
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Seconding Macy's. These come in right at your budget, and they are a nice alternative to Crate & Barrel stuff.

I've heard of bad experiences with the quality of furniture from overstock.com.
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I second Ms. Saint's suggestion of finding barely-used furniture like from a model home. I bought mine from a place that furnishes corporate apartments, the kind people stay in temporarily. They redo the interior of those places once a year. I got a good deal on a really comfy couch (like $200) and a really nice coffee table. Also, Rooms-to-Go often has pretty good sales with couches for $700.
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Looks like you're 250 miles from a store, but, yeah, IKEA.
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Seven or eight years ago when I was interested in having an old couch (with a very solid frame) redone, an upholster quoted me about $650 for the job. Maybe you could check into that route.
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I bought my couch set for around $200 from a coworker-- if you're willing to go used, try to get the word out among people you know that you're looking to buy a couch.

Also, many standard size couches do fit covers that you can buy from Ikea or places like Linens n Things, so if you find one that is comfy but looks awful you might be able to get a nice cover for it that matches your decor.
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Check out estate sales. You can find them in the classifieds section of your local paper. They usually span the weekend, and often on the last day, you can get things for very reduced prices. It can feel a little bit morbid, and I'd also recommend doing a pretty solid bed bug inspection, but I've had a lot of luck buying good, well-priced furniture from them. I've gotten two beds and almost a full kitchen for under $500. Good luck!
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I second JC Penney. I have a very nice couch that I got on sale last holiday season. With Ikea furniture, you have to test out every single piece to make sure the foam density is right, the particle board isn't saggy, the springs aren't too pointy, etc. I had an Ikea couch (the Klippan) for about 6 months before the foam went flat and the springs started to poke out. My point is that with Ikea quality matters and you really want to have a good look before you buy something from them.
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I bought my couch from Value City Furniture (don't know if you have one of those where you are). It's comfortable, squooshy and only cost me like 300 dollars. New.
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The JC Penney Home Store on 71st has decent comfortable and contemporary couches in your price range. Mathis Brothers has a large selection of all kinds of couches, many of the enormous and comfy variety, beginning at around $200-400. You might also check G Furnishings off 41st for a local option, but they are slightly more expensive and might be too modern for your tastes.
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Look for a place that resells hotel furniture, target the shipments from that 5 start hotel that you dream about staying in.
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I got an almost new custom made Bassett couch (a queen sleeper sofa, no less) on Craig's List for $300 (the sellers couldn't get it in their new apartment). But I looked every day for a long time before I found what I wanted. It paid off, but requires putting some time in.
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Especially if you have kids or pets, check out Home Reserve. It's self-assembled couches that gets UPS'd to your door. All components can be inexpensively replaced - cushions, covers, etc.

I was skeptical at first but after a loveseat, a sectional, and an episode with a foster dog that ate large pieces of both, I'm a believer. I paid about $1000 for a giant sectional and after the dog ate it, it was $150 or so for replacement bits and it looked new again. Plus, there's storage bins under the seats. Genius!

I've had Ikea and Pottery Barn before, and this couch looks just as good. The Cricket Cream fabric is my favorite - it looks like a neutral twill but is easier to clean.

Customer service is fantastic, by the way. I emailed them pictures of my destroyed couch and they just picked out all the necessary repair pieces for me.

I have no financial interest in this company. It look a lot of Google-fu to find this, and I just wanted to share. It's a good thing.
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