Peppy pop
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Peppy indie/foreign pop?

I like this:

& would like more. I need help finding this stuff because I'm not cool and no one I know is cool.

Extra points for anything pop that is non-American, super points for anything non-Western European.
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Is t.a.T.u. peppy enough for you?
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The Go! Team

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Is t.a.T.u. peppy enough for you?

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Although they might be too "bubble-pop" for you...

Kimono Jet Girl, by AAA

Angel Eyes, by Heartsdales
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I'd love to help, but YouTube says "This video is not available in your country." Any clues as to what the song was?
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Creeky, it was Lollipop, by Miko.
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The Pipettes
The Orange Peels
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Pizzicato Five and Fantastic Plastic Machine are peppy and from Japan. Komeda (note: not Krzysztof Komeda) are peppy and from Sweden.
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The Ark - Kolla Kolla gets me dancing no matter where I hear it.
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The answers here might be a bit scattered because the song you link to isn't foreign (well, it's English) or indie-pop. Indie pop bands like PAS/CAL, Heavenly, Aberfeldy, etc., don't usually sound much like Mika.
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There were a bunch of good suggestions on my thread a few months back.

I think you should try Yelle, for starters.
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Mystery Jets
Lykke Li
Das Pop
Bag Raiders
Miami Horror
Cut Copy
Hot Chip

That should keep you goin' for a while...MeMail me if you want more.
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More Mika!! Try Love Today that got me hooked.
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seconding the Pipettes. Also Strawberry Switchblade, the Ting Tings, and The New Young Pony Club (the Bomb, Ice Cream).
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Not quite as poppy, but getting there:
The Salteens
The All Girl Summer Fun Band
The Icicles
Dressy Bessy
The Apples in Stereo
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I love The Bicycles.
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Pizzicato Five is so peppy they almost hurt.
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Shugo Tokumaru perhaps??
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Stereo Total
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I'm From Barcelona (actually from Sweden) songs have similar infectious sing-along qualities.
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Remembering stuff that was popular in Russia when I was there a couple years ago. I saw TATU perform in St. Petersburg and it was wonderful.

Pier Narciss' Shokoladniy Zayats (the song's name is "Chocolate Rabbit"; I think he was the only black person singing in Russian on MTV when I was there)

Diskoteka Avariya's "Nebo" (Two full minutes of no music in the music video, unfortunately; the band name translates as "Disco Accident" ("accident" as in a car crash))

Leonid Agutin's "Granitsa"

Glukoza's "Nevesta", "Schwine" (not super peppy but has subtitles to give you an idea of her lyrics), "Tantsui Rossiya"

Maria Rzhevskaya's "Kogda ya stanu koshkoi" (not super peppy, but really popular, and I got nostalgic looking through some of these songs and this was my favorite from the time)

5nizza might qualify. "Ty Kildal", "Jamayka", "Ya s toboi" (give it a minute to pick up), "Soldat" (my favorite, but not really peppy).

You should really look into Bollywood if you want peppy, non-Western-European music. I'm not well versed in the music, but Asha Bhosle's voice is a start (wikipedia)
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