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NJ MeFi'rs: Looking for a nice outdoor spot to take my girlfriend tonight. Localized in Central Jersey. Ideas? (More criteria within)

Well I need it to be within driving distance (<1 hr) of Edison, NJ. I'm looking for a spot with a nice view, or a great view of the stars, or a waterfall, or basically anything really worth seeing at night. Preferably somewhat secluded, but not something we're going to have to hike in the dark to.

All ideas welcome, much appreciated!
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Oh, an easy one!

Washington Rock. It's not really secluded, but it tends to be somewhat empty at night. Mostly because it's technically closed after dark (but I had a few high school make out sessions there without a problem--just make your way to the lowest tier of the rock). You get the view of all of central Jersey and the Manhattan skyline from there.
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Best answer: Let's go to Garrett Mountain!
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Best answer: If it's a clear night, I recommend Eagle Rock Reservation (Flickr Link). The view is absolutely stunning. You can see all of Manhattan from there. It's about an hour from Edison and well worth the drive.

If you don't mind getting a little dressed up, grab a couple of drinks at the Highlawn Pavilion's bar while wearing your nice clothes. That way, even if it's cold, you can still enjoy the view.
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Best answer: Here's the view at night from Eagle Rock (Flickr Link).
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Best answer: What about New Hope/Lambertville on the Pennsylvania border? The Delaware River connects the two towns. You walk across a wide bridge for window shopping and pretty views and fancy restaurants.

Or there's always Princeton. Nowhere to eat outside, but the main square is decorated for Christmas. Coupled with window shopping and any number of fancy mediocre restaurants, you're guaranteed a romantic evening. Top it off with the 2 minute drive down to the Graduate College (on College Road West, next to the golf course). You'll see it when you see one of the world's largest belltowers. From the College you have amazing views of the stars, woods, etc).

North on route 30 (Nassau St.) from Princeton, about 10 minutes from the main square, is Lake Carnegie on the right. You could park there high school style and enjoy the sunset, or stars and woods.
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For what? This is key. If you want to have sex in the freezing cold, that's a different set of criteria than making an engagement proposal under the stars.

My parents have a really nice garden in Plainfield; that any good to you? :) What about Oak Tree pond in Edison?
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Response by poster: Ahh sorry, I should have clarified. With the secluded comment I guess I implied we'd be doing something we don't want to get caught doing. Definitely not the case, or my intentions; just wanted a nice private place to spend some time together, while remaining fully clothed. So closer to engagement proposal than sex in the freezing cold.

All great answers, thank you so much!
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Seconding the Princeton-or-New Hope/Lamberville post.
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Yep, I was going to suggest Princeton, with Lambertville and New Hope as another option.
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Best answer: Since everybody else is doing it, here's a shot of the view from Washington Rock. I'm telling you, I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a really nice private place to sit and talk at night, it's easy to find (right off route 22), and it's free.

Just a note: while New Hope will likely not be too crowded on a Monday, it won't likely be particularly empty either and the restaurants are way, way up there in price. Though some of my fondest relationshippy memories are staying at a B&B there a few years ago in the dead of winter during a snow storm and eating at a totally deserted Karla's, it was the snow storm that made the experience particularly pretty and unless you're prepared to shop (for completely overpriced antiques or boutique clothing) or buy expensive food, Garrett Mountain, Eagle Rock, or Washington Rock sound more like what you're looking for.
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N'thing New Hope/Lambertville/Princeton trifecta. I used to work up in that area and driving along the Delaware river at lunch to clear my head was something I always enjoyed.
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