Help me get a great accountant in the UK (pref Manchester), who understands on-line businesses.
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Help me get a great accountant in the UK (pref Manchester), who understands on-line businesses.

So! I started a business without really knowing I was starting one. Now it's time to pay my taxes and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'd like to pay someone to do this for me - everything was conducted through Paypal (expenses and sales), and so I have the Excel file with all the transactions for the year. I need someone to take this, sort everything out, and advise on what else I can take off my payment (rent, utilities, etc - I work from home) I am registered as self-employed but that's as far as I've gone.

Anyone has some fantastic personal recommendations? I have a few contacts but most don't even have an e-mail address, which worries me since 100% of my business is conducted on-line. E-mail is

Any help would be incredibly appreciated!
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Not being in Manchester, I'm unfortunately not going be be able to supply any specific individuals or firms, but if you've all your transactions for the year set out as you say, then at least you know it's going to be a thoroughly straightforward job.

My worry would be time - your return must be in before the end of January. Have you considered, for this occasion at least, simply filling in the online tax return at Government Gateway? The help files as you proceed through the process are extremely helpful (I think so, anyway!) and so long as you register here reasonably soon, you won't have any probs.

In particular, there is copious advice as you go along regarding which and what expenses are/are not allowed.

Hoping you get a good recommendation, and good luck!
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Pyotrstolypin's given you some great advice. There's nothing stopping you from doing it yourself.

If you want someone to do it for you, instead of doing it yourself, get in touch with your local Businesslink. They should be able to give you some sort of referral, though they might insist you join before they do so. It's worth it, though, if you're a small business, as their networking events and workshops can be first rate.

If you're really desperate and you just want someone to file the paperwork for you, quickly, I'd go out on a limb here and suggest you talk to some of your local cabbies or market stall traders if you're friendly with any. They're all self employed, and as such need to file taxes of some sort. There are small bookkeeping practices whose bread and butter is just your (and their) sort of small business - you just need to find someone local to you who's fast and reliable.
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