what's the working ingredient in migraleve and what else can I take to get rid of my massive migraine?
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what's the working ingredient in migraleve and what else can I take to get rid of my massive migraine?

I'm spending a week in germany and have left my trusty migraleve at home in the UK. they don't seem to be selling it here (at least I couldn't find it) and I already know ibuprofen and tylenol won't do anything to help me. will aspirin work? (I kind of doubt it...)

so what is it in migraleve that makes it so effective and what could I ask for here (prescription free, I need something NOW and most MD's are closed) that would help me?

(caffeine is sadly not an option)
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Apparently, it's paracetamol and codeine. You will be able to find paracetamol without prescription without any problems in Germany, but codeine is a controlled substance, and will not be sold over the counter.

As far as I know (but I'm not a doctor) most OTC stuff will only be effective at the onset of the symptoms, and you're probably past that now. Most German MDs have provisions to get you some help after hours, so you might want to try that after all, just call their number and follow the instructions stated in the recorded message.
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Though my migrains aren't as bad as they once were, I've had good luck with Panadol Extra OTC (two tablets; or the ones you dissolve in water, because they works faster).
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Response by poster: thanks, guys. I got my hands on some novaline now through a relative and will hope this does something for me but if it doesn't I'll head out for some paracetamol for sure.
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FYI, paracetamol = acetaminophen = Tylenol, so if you know Tylenol alone doesn't do anything for you, paracetamol would be a waste.

I was told that NSAIDs (which include aspirin and ibuprofen) are better than Tylenol when it comes to migraines - apparently the anti-inflammatory action is useful.
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IANAHerbalist and IANAD, but I just read in a book called Healing Teas that drinking tea made from feverfew regularly alleviates migraines for some people. If you can find an herbal store, you might be able to brew this tea. I don't know if migraleve is the same thing as Migrelief, but something called Migrelief has feverfew in it and is mentioned in these articles: here and here
There is a warning in one of the articles that direct contact on the skin with feverfew might cause a skin rash.
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(Caveat: I don't get migraines. I use it for sinus problems.)
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I've found a combination of paracetamol + ibuprofen works where either singly, do not.
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Headaches are tricky bastards.

I used to be able to cap a lot of headaches with aspirin, caffeine from hot tea, and keeping my head and face hot with hot hot hot wet cloths and a heating pad under my neck. But if you're traveling, you probably don't to lock yourself in steamy bathroom, lay on the floor with your feet up, and sip tea in the dark.

Good luck on getting this out of the way and enjoying the rest of your week.

(IAmBroom, btw, there's a lot of talk these days about interplay between sinus/allergy issues and migraine. You might want to chat with a headache doctor and see if you can kill two birds with one Rx.)
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Apirin + Paracetamol (Acetominophen) combination tablets, swilled down with Diet Coke. Works every time. There is something in the Diet Coke that seems to make the blood vessels expand (other than the caffeine). Full sugar Coke does not work so well, so it may be the Aspartame.
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