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I'd like to create a map on the iPhone that displays multiple locations of my choice at once. Ideally, I'd like to also be able to route a path through them in advance. In essence, I am looking for something like Community Walk or Wayfaring in app format.

I live in NYC, and swear by Google Maps on the iPhone for navigation.

But there are times when one needs to map multiple destinations at once to plan an efficient path through them. As many would likely agree, it can be a complete PITA to look up all of them individually, when they're only organized by order added, and only display 1-2 at a time.

In addition, pulling up a wayfaring or CW page is far too slow to be practical in some parts of the city w/o a 3G.

I've tried searching the app store, but will keep an open mind if I've missed a gem.

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This may be circuitous, but have you tried creating the map and path in Google Maps beforehand? You can send yourself the link for that specific map and path to yourself via email and open it up in Google Maps on your iPhone with all the details pretty much intact.

You might need to be more specific as to what you need—the problem right now seems to be the actual looking up of the locations on the go. Certainly that's burdensome, but are you looking for some kind of map application that has bookmarks? I'm pretty sure the Maps application already has that.
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Response by poster: Thanks trotter...I gave that a shot. Made a map with multiple (around 15 or so) locations in Google Maps on the laptop...then tried to send it to the iPhone.

My problem is that I can't get it to open in the maps application of the iPhone--only in Google maps in Safari (on the iPhone).

Bookmarks are not enough in this case as I need multiple locations to display at-a-glance (to allow navigation between them...and decision-making on-the-go...and because the maps app on the iPhone doesn't let you really organize the bookmarks in any order, or display more than 1-2 at once).

Beginning to think this does not exist. App developers...? Might be an interesting project.

Thanks in advance for any additional ideas. I may just have to go analog. :)
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