How would an Indian say "Oh my gosh"?
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What would a good Indian expression of suprise be? Specifically a pleasant suprise, such as the realisation that one is going to make a large amount of money, possibly from someone who is none too reputable. The Hindi (or other language) version and a literal translation would be most useful.
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Response by poster: Actually an expression of suprise at discovering something really weird where it shouldn't be would be useful as well.
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Best answer: Pleasant- 'Arre wah' - im not that great with phonetics but pronounced quicly like - ure (u-uncle, re-"do re mi fa so la ti do") wah (w, a-"do re me fa so", h).

Literal meaning "thats great"

Shocking - 'Are baap re" - meaning "oh my God" (although baap means dad)
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Best answer: -baap re baap (pronounced "baap ray baap") (variation on what bby mentioned above). Variations on "baap re" (including "baapre" by itself) are very common expressions of wonderment, suprise, etc, colloquially might translate to anything from "oh my god" to "wow."

-"arey" ("ah"-"ray") (by itself or with other words) can connotate an enormous number of shades of surprise. From a quick "arey!?" (being startled) to a long thoughtful "areeeeeey!" (a realization of something weird and surprising) and numerous versions in between. So for instance, "arey, kya?" where "kya?" is literally "what?" might be translated as "hey, what?" or colloquially as "what the hell?!"
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Best answer: a muslim east indian would probably say "Subhanallah" (if good) or "Astagfarallah" (if bad).
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Response by poster: Great answers! Are there any more slightly longer phrases that might be used?
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Can't think of any specific phrases as such.. But if you'd like I could translate some English phrases to Hindi.

Waah - ye lajawab hai - Literal meaning "Wow, thats incredible"

(Waah means wow - used in a happy/pleasant context)
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