Problems with Mail on OS 10.3.5
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Problems with Mail: Running OS 10.3.5 and using the Mail app. I haven't changed anything, and suddenly some of my settings seem to have been altered such that my deleted/sent messages aren't being saved. [MI]

I am not super techy, so please help me to understand what's going on here! I have only one account on Mail. I use it to get my IMAP mail from my school account. I haven't switched anything recently, but now when I delete messages, they just disappear instead of being put in the "Trash" folder. Also, the "Sent" folder appears empty and I have a new folder called Sent Messages, which is where all of my sent mail seems to have been placed. New 'sent messages' are not being placed there, however.

Under the Preferences folder / Special Mailboxes, the boxes saying "Move deleted messages..." and "Store deleted messages..." are still checked. The pulldown menu "Permanently erase deleted messages..." is still set to Never. I have tried: toggling the buttons, quitting Mail, restarting.

What's going on here?
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Response by poster: I am a moron. mathowie, you can delete this thread. I had to *uncheck* the boxes to store those messages on the server. I could have sworn they used to be saved (as a backup), but I guess not. Whatever - it's working now! Sorry everyone.
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