Can you recommend a good hands-on beginner's book or web tutorial on XML?
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Can you recommend a good beginner's book or web tutorial on XML? Most books I've seen have been heavy on exposition and light on hands-on work.
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What do you want to do with it? XML is kind of like assembly language for the web - you can do just about anything with it, but most are fairly complicated.
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Yeah, XML in and of itself is pretty generic. Most books on just XML just teach how how to create valid schemas and forms, which is fairly simple and you can learn from the web.

It really depends on the application you need to use it for.
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try w3schools xml section?
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Usually I recommend learning XML with Docbook, then XSLT to convert Docbook to HTML/XSL-FO (PDF). That'll take a month or so.

The XML spec itself is quite simple and so lots of people say they know xml, but mostly when people are talking about xml they mean the surrounding specs. So find someone who knows xpath, xslt, xsl-fo, docbook, and then you'll have someone who knows xml. If they know Apache Cocoon too then pick their brain on xml pipelines.
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XML didn't click for me until I read the O'Reilly book. But holloway's called it; learning XML by itself won't do you much good and won't make much sense. To be able to do anything worthwhile you need to know at least XSLT and XPath (XSL:FO is more optional, IMHO) and ideally a programming language with an XML parser available.
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