new years in rome
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what should i do for new year's in rome? i'm female, late 20s, traveling alone, and on a budget. recommendations?
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Maybe you're looking for a cool place to go.... but honestly, if I were alone in Rome on New Year's Eve, then a bar packed with couples and groups of friends would make me feel more alone. Honestly, I'd go to mass - even if you aren't catholic, it's a huge part of the culture and that night, I'd take part of it. I'd look at schedules and go to mass with the old ladies at some small church with a dead saint in a glass box and and a gorgeous statue of a saint in ecstasy. And then I'd get a drink. And then I'd go to another church.
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why not do something completely nontraditional? go see a late night movie, watch the sunrise at a local park, make your own personal resolution tradition.
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Whenever I've been traveling alone and want company I always just hang out in the common area of the hostel I'm staying in and wait until there are a few other people around. Be up front - I'm alone and I just want some company. There are invariably a few other like-minded people in your situation looking to go out and have a good time.
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You might want to look up Enjoy Rome Tours - it was started by an ex-pat American who, 10 years ago took me on the best night walking tour on my own European backpacking year. It has been a decade, but they could definitely point you in the right direction for ideas. For the newly arrived, they might have some tips and tools, events and functions for you to look at. I was alone too and ended up hooking up with people there who I traveled Italy with afterwards.

I was also female, alone and 23 at the time.
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For food, I'd go to -

Sora Margeherita - Awesome hole in the wall place and priced fairly well.

If you have time for a picnic, Volpetti is great for getting some food. Little pricey though.

Coffee, Tazza d'oro. Best cup of coffee you will have anywhere in the world. Cheap too. Right near the Pantheon, so you can see that for free too.
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Join the crowds at Piazza del Popolo on New Year's Eve itself (assuming they still put on a show there), people-watch & enjoy the fireworks.
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just be very careful walking home if you do go out, they tend to throw things out the window at midnight. Out with the old in with the new kind of thing.
Dodging the odd set of glassware is one thing, it's dodging the sofas, tables and chairs that was hazardous.
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Hullo. In addition to all of the above, i'll add in my two euro cents
  • Keep in mind any discos/nightclubs will most likely be cheaper to get in after midnight, as for New Years they hike up the prices, sometimes with a (usually buffet) dinner & bottle of champers included in the price.
  • Similarly, a lot of restaurants will be offering a fixed price, fixed menu for New Years. Reservations are usually required.
  • For both dining & disco/nightlife options, I'd ask your hostel's reception for suggestions that won't break the bank.*
  • As mentioned above, Piazza del Popolo is a good option - grab some people from your hostel and a few bottles of wine to countdown the New Year.
  • In ten years, I have yet to see furniture pushed out a window (at least here in the center). You will have to dodge firecrackers though. :D

*I have no specific recommendations for you, as I'm getting rather domesticated as the years go by, so it's been a few years since I've gone out for New Years. Usually I make a huge dinner & we get plastered at home instead of dealing with traffic & parking, waiting in line to get into the disco, etc. etc. :D
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In my day, there was always a giant expat/traveler/tourist party on the Spanish Steps, with amusing Australians kissing everyone in sight and a multi-language countdown and lots of Spumante and firecrackers. I bet you'll find people to hang with.
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go to a chinese store near the train station termini and buy 50 to 100 firecrackers for about euro 20.

after midnight, award yourself 1 point for each firecracker you successfully throw into a garbage bin from any distance your soberity status allows you. Subtract two points for any firecrackers that go off close enough to you to make your ears whistle, or if you're wearing earplugs, within 5 meters.

If you see someone you like, discreetly throw one off and try to approach them while they are still in a state of shock..
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...and at the end, triple your score by the number of store alarms you've set off until dawn.

(s)he with the most points wins and scores are carried across years, so even if you're alone you might want to get a leg up for next year..
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