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I recently found a fantastic program for managing research literature on OSX and I'm looking for a similar program for Windows and Linux.

The program for OSX is called Papers and is just beautiful. I really love the interface and it connects to all kinds of databases to make importing papers very easy. Is there anything like this for Windows or Linux?
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EndNote is probably the closest.
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Have you seen Zotero? It's browser-based but might be of use.
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There's Referencer for Linux.
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Zotero is awesome. Referencer is useful if you use latex I guess, if you combine that with saving the papers with a proper filename that can be picked up by gnome-search-tool or "locate". You may also look at Incollector.
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One thing Zotero doesn't (to my knowledge) do that papers does is take an existing source (like a pdf) and automatically fetch metadata from, say, pubmed or google scholar. If you want it to full-text index your pdfs, you need to follow-through with the instructions under preferences for enabling pdf2text.

If I'm wrong, please let it be known.
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Response by poster: Zotero looks like a good option. I'll check it out. Thanks!
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This recent NYT blog post compares the two. She prefers Papers, and reading it, I wish there was an equivalent for Windows.
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(Correct NY Times link)
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Best answer: I've since found a good multi-platform (OSX, Win, Linux) program called Mendeley. It does all the things that Papers does.
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Wow, since people are still posting I'll add that Zotero has since added the (take PDF) -> (return metadata) function.
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