How do I send a slideshow in Windows XP slideshow viewer to a monitor?
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Windows Slide Show Viewer in Dual Monitor Mode. I need to run a full-screen slideshow of some jpgs in a folder from a peripheral monitor, while doing other stuff on my laptop screen. Windows XP slideshow viewer (the one that comes up when viewing a folder with pictures in it) is perfect, but every time I try to run it from the monitor, the slideshow actually takes place on the LCD screen. How the hell do I get the show to run on the monitor?
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Somewhere in Control Panel / Display / Advanced -- I don't have XP right in front of me, and you might be using something weird and specific to your video hardware vendor's drivers, but it's the tab where you arrange blocks to represent the displays and have the "Extend my desktop to this display" checkbox -- is where you pick which display is "primary." Switch around the primary and secondary.
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I would not recommend this. I have used mixed set-ups (a traditional CRT monitor and an LCD monitor) and the combo is way suboptimal. Especially when you're using the LCD as the primary and the monitor as the secondary display. You will see the monitor refreshing and can be quite annoying. This happens because the photoreceptors in the retina are better at seeing fast motion at the edges of the field of vision -- Your ability to see quick changes at the periphery is good in evolutionary terms but bad for your purposes.
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I've done this with "mixed set-ups" for years and never found it distracting or annoying or suboptimal in any way. Just set the monitor to a reasonable refresh rate; at about 85Hz, it should appear close to rock solid.
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