What's perfect for the ultimate chill room?
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My sixteen year old brother is trying to turn his bedroom into the ultimate chill room. He has a laser stars projector, multiple lava lamps, one of these Luminglass lights, and a fog machine that really works well with the laser stars projector. What other trippy, spacy, unusual, outlandish, and freaky decor (lights, art, etc.) is necessary for the ultimate chill room?
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Strobe light. Black light posters and black lights.
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Presuming this room is in his parents' house, and presuming that 'chill room' is code for 'room to use drugs in,' weatherstripping on the door is probably a good call.
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A big key to a chill environment is indirect lighting. (I'm not talking about effect lights like the luminglass, but the main lights. Light should be bounced off of surfaces, even water if you can swing it. Barring that, it should at least be softened by frosted glass or something. There should be no angle at which you're looking at a harsh, bright bulb.

All this low light means soft, rounded corners on furniture. Nothing can ruin your chillout like whacking your shin on a wood corner.
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Presuming this room is in his parents' house, and presuming that 'chill room' is code for 'room to use drugs in,' weatherstripping on the door is probably a good call.

No, I should have made it clear in asking the question, "chill room" is definitely not code for that. Please don't base any answers on the thought that drugs will be used there. He's a really good kid, into sports and Scouts and very strait-laced, and wouldn't dream of doing drugs. He just likes the spacy atmosphere for listening to music and hanging out with friends.
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Bead door thingy.. You know, where you walk through beads and stuff in the doorway..?
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My mistake. How about a bean-bag chair? And maybe one of those Brian Eno DVDs (alternately, Colorcalm or Grass Collective or something)?
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My google-fu fails me, but like the Luminglass, various other plasma balls. And one of the spinny things that reacts to ambient noise, like a spirograph on acid....
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A Mathmos Space Projector. Trust me.
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Seconding a Lovesac. Beanbag chairs are so twentieth century.
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Black Velvet Elvis....It really doesn't get any 'chiller'...
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Don't forget the good ol' dream machine. Easy to make yourself with an old turntable or anything else that spins in circles.
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Velvet pillows.

Velvet everything, really.

And Ikea pod chairs.
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If he has a TV in there, he can make his own pixelator. I made something similar (using a slightly different, non-preferable technique) and oh, much fun.

Also, a few Buddha Machines and several of these (he does seem to have the lighting down, but these are fun to have around the room. Other small tactile toys might be a good choice too).

I also recommend lots of pillows of all sizes -- fun to pile up (bean bag chairs get too hot, in my opinion).

This sounds like fun.
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Does he already have a music/movie system that he's building around? What kind of music does he like?

CD/DVD racks are critical.

Find a coffee table (cheap) from Ikea/Goodwill to redecorate, maybe with black light responsive paint, or however he wants to cover it.
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Aquarium, preferably salt water.
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Get some classic movie posters, a lite brite, and some robot napkin holders (they're for tp technically).

But really for inspiration, check out saucy dwellings for ideas like wild rugs, crazy colors, stars on the walls, skulls in books, . Because some of the charm of the room will have to come from the uniqueness only yall know.
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Anything that has been washed (or painted) with a high-phosphate detergent will glow nicely under a blacklight.

Back in the dorms, we used to write stuff on our walls with Tide, and it would be "invisible" until we turned on the blacklight.

(okay, so we were easily amused)
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To follow what Afroblanco suggested, there's always highlighter bottles, which are cheap and fun. We made a few in college and enjoyed them greatly. We just used water and a five-pack of highlighters.

(My college banned them after I graduated, which I still don't understand.)
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A cheap rotating fiber optic lamp is awesome and holds my attention for many hours when I am in that zone. What you want is one with a rotating, multi-colored transparent disc between the bulb and the fiber optic.

Blue light bulb. Surprisingly awesome. Plug into a cheap Ikea decor lamp, ideally one of blue milkglass or blue porcelain, for optimum effect. Cheap Ikea decor glass lamp can be had for $10-$20; the red and blue ones were integral parts of my old chill out room. Ikea is also a good place to get little shelves to put all these luminescent apparatus on.

Plasma lamp. A bit spendy, but fun.

Other things in my chillout room included an aquarium with a blue light, and ready access to drinks in glass glasses, that had ice in them. That was just what seemed to optimize my chill out experience.
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A toaster oven and a mini-fridge are always nice. Grilled cheese sandwiches can be quite beneficial to chilling out.
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Stripper Pole
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Does he already have a music/movie system that he's building around? What kind of music does he like?

His sound system is extremely rudimentary ... his iPod and an iPod docking station with speakers. He likes basically classic rock, though I am making him some CDs of more spacy stuff.

Thanks for all these great suggestions. Please keep them coming if you have 'em!
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If you want to do black lighting and/or the Tide thing, I would suggest that rather than writing random words in Tide, your brother recycle some cardboard packing boxes and an exacto knife and stencil his walls with black light paint or Tide.

No, not ivy and ducks - eww - but cool stuff like stars, planets, peace symbols. If he's got some money, these decorative wall decals are my favourites, but there are tons on the market that might be more his thing if you just google for them.
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A copy of Tubular Bells playing on infinite loop.
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You want to engage all five senses, so smell (plants and fresh flowers are best, or anything natural - no man-made scents and if you have the fish tank make sure the water is changed regularly), taste (yummy munchies - again natural tastes, no doritos/pop, miracle fruit maybe?), sights (lots of ideas upthread, no harsh lights though and you shouldn't see any bulbs at all), touch (lots of different textures made from natural fabrics) and sound (in addition to playing music have instruments like a therimin). A concept you might want to look into is the snoezelen room. I like the flaghouse company but they are very expensive. A great place to get ideas though.
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Dark velour paisley fabric draped over everything, and ideally, hung from the ceiling.

Laser Pod

and on the computer? Electric Sheep
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5 pounds of silly putty.
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Go look around at instructables.com. They have a lot of this kind of stuff that he can make himself.
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ever been to the back of spencer gifts in the mall?

sounds exactly like what you're describing.

also, please dont get a beginner a salt water tank
and just because he's straight laced and would never dream of doing drugs, doesnt mean he isnt.
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Thanks for the answers, everyone. Best answers all around.
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