Mac alternatives?
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What are good MacBook alternatives (non-apple)?

I love MacBooks but I cannot rely on Apple. Apple software is awesome but whenever I have hardware issues it can take forever to resolve.

I've taken the view that working on a MacBook is like drinking fine coffee, it is nice but I cannot rely or get too accustomed to it because it can go away. And hardware issues/replacements are $$$.

I resolved the last hardware issue by buying a $400 windows box and restoring backups to continue working while Apple took 60 days to return the warrantied-applecared machine.

I find the $400 HP desktop performance be comparable to the $3k Xeon. There must be a similar solution for portables. Powerful and inexpensive enough that if stolen or have a hardware issue I dont feel like I am held hostage.
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If you're honestly finding the performance of a $400 HP desktop comparable to a $3000 desktop, then you can't be running applications that require any horsepower -- so just about any cheap laptop should be satisfactory.
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Lenovo laptops are high quality (I have three nearby, including this one), and they sell across the range from netbooks to 7-pound behemoths at reasonable prices. I like the T-series, but those might provide a bit more than you need, as ook pointed out.
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Seconding shadytrees - I have a Lenovo Thinkpad. Mine's an x60s. Small, fast enough for everything short of gaming, and eight hours of battery life. Mine's two and a half years old, but I imagine the X series is still a good place to look.
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I'm typing this on a Lenovo T61 right now - I love it. It has long battery life, an amazing keyboard, both a thinkpoint and touchpad, and is really well made. I got it cheap off ebay, but it still has 2 years next-day warranty (on-site, so none of the hassle you've had with apple) remaining and is in perfect condition.
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I've heard of loading a special OSX variant onto either an MSI Wind or Asus EEE PC laptops. Those are around $400.
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As proselytized mentioned in many other threads, go with the trusty Thinkpad. Macbooks are pretty like a latte, Thinkpads are pretty like a hammer :)
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I'm very happy with my Dell XPS m1530. It runs Leopard, too.
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before buying my MacBook I seriously considered a Sony Vaio FW.
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