How can I combine multiple Google Maps into one "master" map?
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Is it possible to display data plotted on multiple Google maps on one single map?

I have several (about 25) Google maps with about 20 or so points plotted on each. The maps cover several geographically adjoining areas. Is there any automatic process I can use to combine these separate maps into one larger one?

Assume for the sake of the question that mapping all of the points on one single map is impossible..
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What form are these maps in? If they are "My Maps" stored on the Google Maps website, you can save them as .kml files and download them into Google Earth. Then just check off all the files you want just like you would with regular layers and they'll all display on the globe concurrently.

If the maps absolutely have to be in one file, I'm not sure how to do that myself, but you could possibly put the layers into one folder and then use the folder for your purposes. That's how the various Solar System layers work, IIRC -- they store all the textures in one big folder and you choose which ones to display.
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To clarify:

The maps are stored in "My Maps" on Google Maps.

The end goal is to be able to embed the "master" map onto a web page, so I'm guessing Google Earth is not a working solution here.
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