I want to access PS3 Online Store via Playstation 3 overseas
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How can I access playstation US store overseas via playstation 3 console?

Is there a way I can access (by playstation 3) the US version of playstation online store?

I am outside the US.

Maybe by vpn or proxy or dedicated IP address or other hacks?

there must be a way!

And if there is a solution, how to set it up?
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I am overseas (Germany), and I access the PS Store just fine.

Did you set up your PS3 in the US? Or did you set it up in Germany?
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Best answer: Master Gunner: The OP would like to access the US store with a console plugged in overseas. You are probably accessing the EUR PS store
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Set up a separate Playstation Network account using a U.S. address. If you log in with that account, you should have access to the U.S. store.
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What MegoSteve said. If you set up a US account, you can access the US store. Similarly, you can access the Japanese store, Australian store, or any other region the same way. I have several different accounts set up and can access whichever I like.

Moreover, you're a lucky one, since you can order PSN prepaid cards online and add money to your wallet if you want to buy something. I really wish they'd come out with UK or Euro store prepaid PSN cards.

I can't even get a prepaid UK debit card, thanks to stupid banking laws. :p
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I did this just yesterday. I had to sign up for the Japanese store when I first turned on my PS3, but yesterday, I made a new account, and set everything for the US region. No problems, was able to download content just fine.
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