My grandfather's paying an arm and a leg to cure his GERD.
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What is a good, reliable online Canadian pharmacy for Americans to purchase from? (Particularly interested in finding one with AcipHex.)

My grandfather needs AcipHex/Rabeprazole. Even the generic brand costs a great deal in the States, though, so he's looking to buy it elsewhere, from Canada.

Does anyone know of a good online Canadian pharmacy? We're a bit wary of trying just any of them.

Thanks so much!
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They all look sorta sketchy to me. I'm in Canada and I wish there was a site for Canadians that was like -- but I haven't seen a "Canadian" online pharmacy site that wasn't geared entirely towards selling discounted prescriptions to Americans.
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Response by poster: That's what was happening for my mother--they all looked a bit sketchy. Can you not import from, or is it too much to pay in shipping and things then? Thanks for your comment.
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Best answer: I used to buy Allegra from At the time it represented a significant savings over buying it even at Costco. Like 1/4 the price. No problems with them, ever. Quick shipping, everything arrived as represented and seemed to work fine.

I no longer buy from them, not because of any problems, but because of insurance changes [it's no longer such a big $$ difference], CanadaPharmacy started requiring a prescription for Allegra in the patient's dosage [she wasn't hot on taking three OTC 60mg pills in place of the one 180mg]. and I wasn't interested in pursuing the "transfer this Rx to Canada" route. That route may be painless. I have no idea because I didn't even explore it.
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This is already marked as answered but Inhouse Pharmacy has been a reliable supplier for me for four or five years now. (Not based in Canada; prescriptions not rqd.)
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Best answer: i have also used canadapharmacy with no problems in the past. and even when they indicated that a script was needed, they shipped the drug to me WELL before they ever could have received the script i mailed to them. so...yeah.
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