Airstream trailer park?
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My boyfriend is trying to remember the name and place of a vintage style/retro resort featuring Airstream trailers that were converted to hotel rooms.

He thinks he saw something about it on the Travel Channel a few years ago and he also thinks the place might be in Nevada but he can't be sure.
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Best answer: The Shady Dell?
It's on Route 66.
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Best answer: The Shady Dell. Via.
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Well that was quick - now I'm looking for a reason to visit Arizona.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! That was quick. Has anyone stayed out there before? How was it?
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If you want a different climate, you can also stay in a vintage trailer at the Sou'wester Lodge in Seaview, Washington. It is a strange and wonderful place.
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There's also Lazy Meadow, in the Catskills.
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Funny, I was just considering staying at The Shady Dell next week (ended up deciding on the haunted hooker room at The Copper Queen Hotel instead). I've never been, but I've heard several people say it's a lot of fun. And Bisbee is the most super awesome funky fun place I've ever visited.
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now I'm looking for a reason to visit Arizona

I was just there last week, you don't need a reason- just go and enjoy!
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The Ten Thousand Waves spa resort outside Santa Fe has some Airstream rooms. I still kind of regret I didn't stay there.
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A friend of mine stayed at Shady Dell and HIGHLY recommends it. Said it was lots of fun.
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