What song ends with "I'm getting closer to my woman"?
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A few years ago my girlfriend and I were in a bar and heard a song -a late-'60s/early '70s blooze-rock number a la Bad Company or someone like that - which ended with a seemingly endless refrain comprised of the lead singer repeating "I'm getting closer to my woman." It's turned into an in-joke with us, and I'd like to put it on a mix for her, but endless Googling hasn't turned it up. Anyone have any idea what song it might be?
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You sure it's not "I'm Getting Closer To My Home" by Grand Funk Railroad?
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Err, that's not the name of the song, that's just the phrase... the song is "I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home."
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Here's the Grand Funk Railroad album version. I think that's it too.
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Damn...I'm away at my parents' place on an old computer with no speakers, so I'll have to listen to those links when I get home. However, I looked up the lyrics, and this -

"I'm getting closer to my home (24X)"

- makes it sound like that must be it. Coulda sworn it was "closer to my woman," but it was a crowded bar with lots of people talking, so...
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Nthing everyone else, and just throwing in a response to your thought that it was "closer to my woman"... In the song, the word "home" is drawn out to several syllables ("ho-o-o-o-me") so that may be why you misheard it as "woman."
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Totally thought of that Grand Funk Railroad song when I saw the question. Bet that's it.

Love that tune.
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Home now on a computer with speakers, and yep, that's the song. Thanks!
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Was going to comment with the GFR song, but it looks like it's been taken care of. Awesome song, enjoy!
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