Who thought Sam up?
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Songfilter: Heard it on the radio, schizophrenia, prostitution, weirdness.

Somewhere between Redding and Sacramento on I-5 last Saturday I was channel surfing on the radio and caught the end of a song that was completely bizarre and now I want to know what it was.

The basics:
A guy, (Sam, I think) goes to a Mexican brothel, he doesn't speak Spanish and they don't speak English, he picks a younger prettier one, they go upstairs, she wants the money upfront, he wants her nude, she refuses, she relents, she has scars, burned in a car accident, during sex he becomes schizophrenic and imagines himself outside his body, he keeps asking himself it it's real, he leaves and goes back to his hotel, he shakes and shakes.

Anyone have an idea?

Hearing this song on the radio sort of blew my mind, it is pretty graphic sexually and completely random. The next song that came on was a Country-boy christmas song with bits about going to the quickee mart for Marlboro reds and fake snow. Hearing the 2nd song after the first was rather shocking.

Thanks in advance!
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Well, from the subject matter, it sounds to me like something Richmond Fontaine might write about. The singer's voice is very distinctive, so give it a listen and you should be able to tell.

Even if not, if this sort of bleak, dare I say fucked up -- oh, the mister says "Carver-esque" would be the flattering way to say it -- subject matter appeals to you, you might like Richmond Fontaine.
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This doesn't help you directly, but the next song that came on was more than likely this.

More recently, it has appeared as this.
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I heart free form radio where this sort of thing actually happens.

Merry Christmas from the Family is a complete classic and it warms my grinch-like heart.
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Response by poster: crazyray - that is the 2nd song. Thanks. I did like that one too.
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Response by poster: librarina - could very well be Richmond, that "el Cortez" song sounds a lot like the type of singing I remember. But the distinctive thing about the song was there was no refrain, no chorus, nothing at all resembling a musical arc, just narrative prose. That's what I liked. It was more storytelling than singing.

I'll go through Fontaine on last.fm and maybe come across it. Thanks.
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Many, many moons ago, I parodied the genre. Not a brothel, but a hospital, not weird, but sentimental and I'm gonna check out this fontaine guy right away.
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Oh, to clarify, Richmond Fontaine is the band's name; Willy Vlautin is the singer & songwriter.
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