Do 3 pies = 1 tasty cake?
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Last minute Christmas dessert. Someone at my wife's work made this. It's a "cake" made by taking three pies (pecan, pumpkin, apple) and smashing them one on top of the other into a three-layer "Pie Cake". It was frosted with Pecan Coconut frosting. Apparently it was very very good. We can't get in touch with the guy who made it, so we were hoping the hive mind could help us out. If anyone has heard of this, please let us know if it is as simple as taking pies out of their tins, smashing them (gently) into three distinct layers, applying the frosting and VOILA, a weird but tasty dessert item!
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I haven't heard of this before, but it seems like if you put the pumpkin and pecan as the bottom layers (since they are sticky) and then top with the apple, it would work well without any additional frosting glue.
To help get the pies out of their tins and on top of each other, you can do the turn-onto-a-plate trick.

This sounds like it would be a perfect dessert to serve after a TurDucken.
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A friend of a friend created something similar a while back: Cake Made Of Pie.
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I think you should just buy a bunch of pies and experiment. WHAT DO YOU POSSIBLY HAVE TO LOSE?!
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I'd put a thin layer of frosting between each pie for better stickiness & unity, too. That actually sounds pretty yummers.
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