Crazy like a straw
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Please help me find more fun straws like these for my three year old niece!

I came into possession of the linked straws about ten years ago. I think they came with Slurpees bought at 7-Eleven. My niece absolutely loves them (and, uh, so do I). Does anyone know where I can find more like them? I'd prefer in NYC but I'll order online, too.
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Best answer: The website has a "Build Your Own Straw" Kit that can make some pretty crazy straws.

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I have those exact straws! My straw collection is pretty big and was aquired a decade ago from video stores mostly (movie tie-ins). I'd forgotten that I got the brain freeze one at 7-11. I wish I could be of more help.
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Best answer: How about these? They also offer a few similar type novelty straws as well. I've ordered from them (Oriental Trading Company) before with no complaints. Reasonably priced, too.
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Response by poster: All the links so far are good. I'd love to avoid getting her a Disney or other branded product. And the ThinkGeek ones may have a little too much spillability in them for her (though I'm considering getting a set for myself!). That's already been an issue with the relatively simple straws I originally linked. While making a mess at uncle's is cool by me and all, I'm thinking of this as a gift and I'm not sure her parents would be thrilled.

Keep the suggestions coming!
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Response by poster: I ended up getting the ThinkGeek straws Brettus suggested. They were a hit, though as I suspected, parts were lost almost immediately. Also, they're clearly not for a three year old, but darned fun for a thirty-something year old providing adult supervision! If anyone stumbles on this thread in the future and has any other straws to recommend, MeMail me. Thanks!
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