Short story read on NPR about white family helping black family in the 1930s at the holidays?
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Can you help identify a short story read on NPR on or around x-mas day 2007, about a poor white family helping out a poor black family, probably out west, probably in the 1930s?

One particular scene involved something like this: a white father coming back from town with 2 turkeys and fruit or candy, from a church or food pantry, and giving one turkey to a black man, who had assumed black folks were not invited to the giveaway. Ths story may have been told from the point of view of a child.

I've searched the NPR site and have not been able to track it down. Thanks!
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Sounds like a StoryCorps piece. Have you tried searching in that section?
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Best answer: Ha!...I just saved this to my hard drive!!!

It's John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story
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Response by poster: many thanks from me and from mrs. chr1sb0y!
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MeFri thread on that same story
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