What's a good US trip for a woman traveling solo?
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Where should I go for my birthday? [mi]

My bday is Dec 28. It sucks because it's smack dab between Christmas and New Years Eve. Everyone's broke, busy, and saving their last bit of energy for New Years. This year I want to take myself somewhere away from drab Minnesota. I would leave right after Christmas and return on Jan 2nd. I'm a woman and I'll be traveling alone. I want to go where there will be lots of other people to hang out with. Any ideas?

[I've already done So. Beach]
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New Orleans, Las Vegas, Times Square? I'll be in South Beach that same week if you change your mind.
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If you're staying in-country, I'd say New York. New Orleans is cool, but not so much for women travelling alone. The nice thing about the city is that you really don't have to go to Times Square to have a good time -- in fact, you'll probably have a better time if you don't waste 4 hours standing outside in the cold. Unless you're some kinda' hapless romantic. :)
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I seem to have a ton of friends who go to Costa Rica that same time of year. I don't know exactly what they do there, but they always seem to rave about it. I'd imagine that's in-season for flights, so that may be a hassle, but I assume it'd be a pleasant change from a Minneapolis winter.
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Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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I'm totally up for Rio, but I'm leary of traveling there alone. Plus, the flights are aprox. $1800. I'm thinking NYC maybe the way to go, but I don't know anyone there. I've also heard good things about Costa Rica. If I make it to So. Beach, can I look you up oh posey?
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NYC is great...don't forget that us Noo Yawk MeFites love to have meetups at the drop of a hat!
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