Pastel Pencils
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Can you recommend a kind of soft pastel pencils?

I'm looking for a good (yet somewhat affordable) brand of pastel pencils. I mostly use soft pastels because I really like the consistency of them and it would be important that these pencils have the same smoothness. I just need something that I can get small details with that the sticks aren't able to get.
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You can buy Conte crayons in pencil form.
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I like Prismacolor but they are more of a colored pencil. But they do rock.
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Faber-Castell makes pastel pencils. As does Derwent, among others. I can't speak to the quality of either, though. I suspect they will do just fine, though.
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I've tried most kinds and the ones I like best are the Stabilo CarbOthello pencils. They are smoother than the other brands; definitely better than the Faber-Castell Pitt pencils.
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I have used the Stabilo Carbothello's for the exact purpose you described with very satisfactory results.
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For some fine work with pastels, you can use an erasing shield or make one to suit out of paper.
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