Help finding a scanner to handle negatives/slides please!
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Where can I find an Epson RX620 all-in-one printer/scanner in South Wales?

We're looking for a scanner that will handle film negatives and slides. The Epson RX620 seems to fit the bill but we've not had much luck finding one over the past 24 hours.

I've tried PC World, Staples and Comet and will continue phoning other stores but would welcome any suggestions on where to find one of these Epsons or ideas for an alternative scanner that will do the same job. Budget of up to about £100. Thank you!

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I bought an Epson 1600 on eBay as a cheap scanner and then realised it had a transparency unit - although that was hard to find and cost twice as much as the scanner. There is a similar Epson flatbed model for about £129 that does the job, which I was looking at a while ago - the next model down should be within your budget.
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