Where can I find interesting shops in London?
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I want to visit some interesting shops in London... for Christmas shopping. Today. Help!

I tried a few Google searches, but clothing and jewellery shops seem to have the monopoly on 'interesting' shops, and this isn't quite what I'm looking for. Basically, I'm not a big fan of generic presents, so I'd like to get something a bit more off the wall. Cool trinkets, gadgets, that sort of thing... or any sort of thing! Anything really that isn't your typical DVD/CD/book fare.

For what it's worth, I'm shopping for my parents and my younger brother (15). I'm not too fussed about location — all six travelcard zones are my Oyster (pun fully intended), so shoot. Where do you go shopping when you need something a bit different?
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There are some good things on Upper Street, there's a great gift/gadget shop on left going up towards Highbury & Islington though it's a bit overpriced. It might be Gill Wing but I'm not sure. It's worth a walk up that way anyway as there are a few good places.
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Best answer: Tottenham Court Road going north from Oxford Street used to be good for gadgets and stuff and may well still be. Likewise Covent Garden for more 'gifty' bits and bobs, though the area is a bit more expensive on the whole. Happy hunting!
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Best answer: Yep, there's a few places in Covent Garden such as the Magma shop. Also, quite a few places like this in Soho including upstairs at the Vintage Magazine shop.
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Try Cyber Candy, too.
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Today's Tuesday... hmm...

Not sure if markets are your thang, but you might want to give 'em a go. Even if there isn't a specific market on, the usual market stalls and shops will be open. Borough Market and Spitalfields also have excellent chocolate shops if you want some more Chocmas joy...
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I also think interesting presents could be made (or supplemented) with stuff from Model Zone. Here's one example. Model Zone is also just down the street from Forbidden Planet.

Also, I just remembered there's a new gadget store on Lamb's Conduit, near Rugby st I think. Looks like it just opened. But lots of unique gifts in there. Still close to the stores mentioned above.
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Best answer: Not really what you'd call "independent" but the new National Geographic Store on Regent street has beautiful trinkets from around the world and cool gadgets.

Octopus sells unusual stuff.
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Get Thee To Camden!
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Anything attached to the museums or the science centres may help.
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