Real Estate Agents For Old People?
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Where are some good criteria for moving >65yo parents to a nearby town? These retirees are very independent, but may not be for long... so how do I pick a nice neighborhood for them near Sacramento, CA?

Not sure how to evaluate neighborhoods for my retired parents... The obvious answer would be to find a great real estate agent.. but I haven't had luck with that in the past... so maybe what I really need is advice on how to find awesome real estate agents (who are familiar with moving older folks into the next stage of their lives where they might not be so independent)...
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Could your parents come to Sacramento (maybe rent an apartment for a few months) and do the legwork themselves? Many of the retired folks I know have done this, with good results. Your idea of a good neighborhood for them may not square with what they want. If they can stay long enough to develop a social network, they will probably be able to get referrals for realtors, neighborhoods and activities through friends.

Also, keep in mind that at 65 is relatively young these days. Your parents probably will live for 15-25 more years, but their needs may change drastically during that time. My three sets of parents are in the 65-70 range and are still quite active and independent, in their own homes, and hopefully will be able to stay that way for a while.

My observation from my grandparents is that things went downhill fairly quickly when they hit 80. At that point, my husband's grandmother stayed at home but had in-home nursing care for 10 years before she died. My grandmother and grandfather (on different sides of the family, not married to each other) each moved into a facility that provided a wide array of facilities. Each began the transition in the independent living area (an apartment), then moved into assisted living and later to nursing care as they became less able to manage, both physically and logistically. These facilities can be expensive but can make up for the cost in the relatively stress-free transition from one level to another that's all handled by the staff at the facility.

That said, none of my parents is at the point where they can even fathom living in a retirement community at their age, nor are they particularly interested in moving to be closer to us for our convenience.
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Response by poster: thanks for the thoughts, SD. My folks are still relatively active, but they're getting sick of snowy cold winters where they are now. I'm not in a rush to find a new place for them, but I don't think they'd be very happy renting an apartment for too long, either..
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Best answer: Have you considered the Sun City/Del Webb communities in Roseville or Lincoln? Within 20-30 minutes of Sacramento, they're for 55+ only... LOTS of activities, sports, clubs all that stuff. Plus they still get to own their own home, but are close to a lot of support... and all the old people do a great job keeping an eye on each other anyway, so they are quick to notice if something goes wrong.
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Really, your parents need to visit Sacramento and check out the area for themselves. I'm almost their age and wouldn't leave that decision to my daughter. (Just the thought of not being independent for much longer gives me the chills.)
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Response by poster: Just for clarification... It's not like I'm doing this without my parents' input. But I'd appreciate any help to research the area and figure out what kinds of things I should be looking for. For example, are there good/safe public transportation stops in certain neighborhoods (for when they can't drive anymore)? That kind of thing. They will visit before buying -- but I want to narrow things down for them so that they aren't overwhelmed by choices (and have more excuses to delay moving out here).
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