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Is there such a thing as a Web site where you can type in the name of a particular organization or domain, and find out what e-mail scheme they assign their employees? Let's say you're trying to locate John Smith at the fictitious Omni Product Corporation...then you could look up the company and find out whether they typically give out addresses that are "," "johnsmith@...," "js,"...etc.? I realize this sounds like a spam apocalypse, but it would be so useful.
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Can you not just Google for the domain name itself and look for e-mail addresses? Works for a few corp domain names I just tried.
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and find out what e-mail scheme they assign their employees?
Not exactly but: Google:
and a little brain power works just as well.
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Sometimes when I'm sleuthing organizations (usually when trying to find contacts for employment purposes), I actually troll usenet (via, of course, Google Groups) for email addresses. This often reveals addresses that a web search wouldn't, and has been useful for me in reconstructing official schema, if any.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I like to type "smith" in quotes in Google. I wonder if there's a cool script that would do it.
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If there was a script, spammers would have already built it, sold it, and exploited it to the hilt.

I think the google searching will help most folks out trying to legitimately contact someone at a company.
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I used to work somewhere that shared offices with a company that said, oh no we're not spamming people, but do you know any high school kids we could hire to poke around credit unions, universities, etc and figure out their naming scheme? (They had a list of first and last names from these places somehow and wanted to, well, spam the crap out of them). I'm assuming they put a lot of time and energy into figuring out how to automate it and failed.
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