Stuff to do tomorrow in Niagara Falls, ON
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Good non-touristy activities in the Niagara Falls, Ontario area?

So I've recently been in touch with someone I used to work with and we've just arranged to meet up tomorrow. We've gone for coffee before but I'm pretty smitten with her and want to do something a bit more entertaining than sitting in a Starbucks for a few hours. I'm frantically searching for stuff to do around here but coming up short. We're both originally natives of the region visiting for the holidays so the tourist path is well travelled between us.

Artsy stuff would be cool. Also, anything that's timely (i.e. "festive") that isn't the Niagara Falls Disney lights thing. We're aiming for tomorrow afternoon sometime but it could be pushed into the early evening if there's something good happening then.

Please help!
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The Butterfly Conservatory.
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The Bird Kingdom.
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Do you have a car? Can you do a little driving? Niagara-on-the-Lake is lovely to just wander around and window shop, stop in pubs and have a bite and a drink.
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Seconding the Butterfly Conservatory.
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Sorry, that would've been helpful to mention. I do have a car and am willing to drive (within the Niagara region).
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If you were planning to get a bite to eat I can't recommend the Flying Saucer restaurant on Lundy's Lane highly enough. Filled with locals, good, diner food, awesome staff and all in a flying saucer. If you are really smiten and she is into it I would recommend getting a Build-a-Bear on Clifton Hill It will take about 45 mins and cost you $50- $100 but then she gets a permanent reminder of your date and it could be your Christmas present to her (warning, not all women would find this appealing).

Personally, I love wandering around the graveyards (esp. Drummond's Hill) and reading the tombstones but I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. What about the Dollhouse Museum? I think the Victoria Christmas display just ended though. Or looked into what is going on at Winterglow? A play?
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seconding Niagara-on-the-Lake. the little Christmas shop there (which is open all year!) is cute. there are some nice little coffee shops and pubs, as mentioned.

while i agree with the Butterfly Conservatory suggestion, i'm going to disagree with the Bird Kingdom suggestion. i went last week, and it was $17 (with a coupon) and it was a huge, huge ripoff.

Rodman Hall is open and not too far for you, it's awesome. lots to talk about!
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2nd the Bird Kingdom. It's not the sort of thing I'm usually into and it is super touristy. It's pretty amazing though. I think they gutted the old Niagara Falls museum and now it's filled it with birds, plants, waterfalls and an carved teak Indonesian teahouse. Go see it now because with all the humidity I would bet that it's going to suffer a serious mold problem at some point.
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I can't recommend the Flying Saucer restaurant on Lundy's Lane highly enough.
Mmmmm, Flying Saucer. Great food, cool atmo.
If you go there during off-peak hours (late afternoon after lunch and before the dinner rush, for example), the Pinnacle Restaurant at the top of the Konica Minolta Tower is a great place to relax and enjoy specialty coffees (by that, I mean coffee with liquor and topped with whipped cream) and dessert (I recommend the cheesecake).
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Sledding in Fireman's Park?
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Indoor Skydiving?!

If you enjoy wine you could always visit a few wineries for some tastings or a tour. It's a popular thing to do for tourists and local connoisseurs alike.
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The new arts centre?
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