What are these pink eggs?
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Hey, what lives inside these weird little pink eggs?

My sister snapped a picture of these funny little eggs on tree bark down near Gainesville, Florida. She says each egg was about the size of a bb pellet, and they were even a little pinker and pearlier than they are in the photo. My entomology-related google skills have proved worthless, but we really want to know - I was taken aback by how...sort of unexpectedly lovely they are, and am very curious about what made them.
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Apple Snail?
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Apple snail egg photos.
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That is just so cool! Were they hard, or more viscous as I would think snail eggs would be (not that I know ANYTHING about snail eggs...)
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These are definitely Apple Snail eggs. There are several types of Apple Snails prevalent in Florida and all but one is native. Several are invasive.

Here's a PDF which discusses how to differentiate the snails and the egg clutches.

We squish them with a paddle when canoeing around our lake, at the behest of our local environmental steward.
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Response by poster: ooh, thanks, guys. @bitter-girl: They are actually sort of hard and paper mache-ish. Creepy and sort of icky and very cool.
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