Best ipod touch case
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Best ipod touch cover/case

getting an ipod touch for christmas and i already have a good idea of what i'm going to do with it as far as programs and extensions like turning it into a remote. but i want to protect it. i've seen a few good things about the ZAGG covers but i want to know what everyone else is using for covers. i don't want a bulky case because i already have enough space taken up in my pockets which is why i was thinking the zagg was a good solution.
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The ZAGG cover is incredible. I used it on my 5G iPod and didn't take my new Touch out of its factory-provided sticky plastic until my ZAGG arrived in the mail. It's a little difficult to put on, what with the Touch's rounded edges, but the protection factor is worth it.
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I use the below case on my iphone 3g. It's cheap, snap on without a lot of extra bulk, and the matte polycarbonate finish reduces slippitude on the backside. I couldn't be happier with it.

Don't concern yourself with screen protectors for the front side - it's glass and doesn't scratch, even after countless times in my pockets with my keys.
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I have this Griffin iClear case for my first generation iPod Touch. It is also available for 2nd gen.

I like it because it completely covers the iPod, protecting it from scratches and the occasional butter-finger drop. The front screen protector is useful for me because it protects the screen from rain if I'm running with it. The case adds maybe 1/2 cm in all directions, so not much more in terms of bulk. I also put a business card between the case and the iPod, on the off chance that I lose it and someone attempts to return it.

iTouch tip: to control volume and track when the iPod is locked, double-tap the home button. Voila, controls, without unlocking the whole thing.
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Had an iPod classic, put a case on it and was grossed out about how much filth got between the Pod and the case. I regularly had to take the case off and clean out dust and dirt.

So when I got an iTouch I skipped the case and it's been great. Sure the back got scratchy and the edges look a bit worn, but it works great and I'm not walking around with what looks like a disease factory in my pocket.
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Don't concern yourself with screen protectors for the front side - it's glass and doesn't scratch, even after countless times in my pockets with my keys.

I treated my iPhone pretty roughly for the first two months, since I had a bulky durable case (but no screen protector). Result: two scratches in the screen, luckily they were on the non-functional black area. I've got a Power Support Crystal Screen protector now with no difference in visibility or sensitivity. There are also others that have anti-glare and anti-fingerprint properties.

I would highly recommend a screen protector. Just be very careful when installing it.
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i rolled my own with bubble wrap and clear packing tape. no problems!
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I don't have a touch, but I'm quite happy with my iSkin for my 2nd gen nano - take a look at their product line and see if you like it.
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Best answer: I love the ZAGG case for my ipod touch. I also have one on my computer. They are both pretty fantastic. I had a bit of trouble putting them on (the computer was more difficult) but their customer service is great, and they replaced it for me. My ipod spends quite a bit of time just rolling around in a purse or pocket, and so far, no scratches. The one thing you will have to look out for is long drops. Good luck!
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Just like Brandon Blatcher, I don't use a case with my Touch and the only effect is that the metal backing (1st Gen) is scratched up. No scuffs or marks on the screen at all, though it's usually in the same pocket with my cellphone and not my keys.

I bought a case when I first got it but the case cracked and was unusable so I just figured I'd see what it was like without one. At this point, the whole after-market case thing seems like a racket to me, though I would recommend one if you are particularly rough with your gadgets.
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I was told that the hard clamshell cases are good if you mean to keep the Touch from getting scratched up but that silicone slip-ons will absorb more of the shock if I drop it (which I am prone to doing. a lot.) so I picked up this Incase for regular everyday use. I also have this Belkin sports band for gym use. I find them both useful. And I also applied a screen protector.

The sales dude may well have misinformed me to bring in a few extra bucks, but the upside is that I have, like, three condoms on my valuable little expensive tool and when isn't that a good thing.
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If you haven't done so already, check out the reviews on iLounge. Their reviews are exhaustive, and products rated in the A range are worth a look.

iPod Touch case reviews.
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i got an invisible shield from zagg and im never going back. ive got it on my iphone and ill have it on my ipod after christmas
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I'm not sure what you'd consider bulky, but I'd vote for a case from vaja. Their cases are incredibly beautiful, and, at in my experience, are incredibly well crafted.

Their prices are a little steep, but it's definitely a luxury product. I've had mine since the original iPhone launched, and the phone is still in mint condition, even though I've dropped it a few times. And the case is still as beautiful as the day I received it.

I have the iVolution model, and a screen film on the front.
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I love the invisible shield - it means i don't have to use a case at all.
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I'll second the cozip as the best case - very good for both iPod Touch and iPhone!

I had a Vaja - everything Stuehler says is true re: craftsmanship but the case is too bulky, light colors stain easily and it is very expensive.
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