Any inkling about the TypePad Journalist Bailout Program?
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Has anyone heard back from Six Apart about their TypePad Journalist Bailout Program?

I followed the guidelines and emailed them on Thanksgiving but didn't hear back. So I followed up last week and haven't heard back.

I imagine they've been inundated. I know it's the holidays. I know I'm throwing myself at their mercy. So I'm not indignant or demanding in the least, but I would like to know what's up if possible.
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Best answer: Hi Daniel, my name's Anil Dash. I started the Journalist Bailout Program, and I apologize you haven't heard back from us yet -- that's my fault. I've been personally replying to as many of the (hundreds of!) responses we've gotten, and that's what's taken so long.

I did get your follow-up message, and you should get a full response from me in your inbox today. I'm sorry it's taken a while, and I appreciate both your patience and your enthusiasm. If you need, my email address is in my profile, and my personal mobile phone number is 646-541-5843; Feel free to call if you'd like.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Anil. That's great. No worries. I'm sure you're swamped.

[I'm going to go out on a limb and say this qualifies as a best answer ;)]

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Holy cats! Talk about customer service. I'm beyond impressed.
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This doesn't count as customer service. This just means Anil's wasting time reading MeFi instead of actually doing his job. ;-)
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(in other words: "You're black!" says the pot.)
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